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The Dark Side Revisited

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Bowling humor instances of intervention
from the dark force.

Bowling is one of the most loved participant sports ever. However, unknown to many people, bowling humor also has a dark side that silently lurks within the confines of every alley; waiting...

Bowling Humor 1
Bowling Ball or a Bomb?

The dark force works in mysterious ways. While this bowling humor tale could not be confirmed - probably due to the embarrassment of all involved - causing panic in the mist of crowded public transportation is not beyond it's capabilities.

The year was 1958 in Syracuse, NY. An unnamed bowler boards a public bus with her bowling ball in tow, headed for the local bowling center. The vehicle was almost full and our kegler was forced to make her way to the last seat in the rear, whereupon she placed her bowling bag, broken zipper and all, on the floor next to her.

Shortly afterward the bus driver was forced to slam on the brakes as a traffic light suddenly turned red. This of course caused the bowling bag to tip over and the ball to rocket out and roll down the aisle toward the front of the bus. Unfortunately a drunken passenger saw the black ball and shouted "It's a bomb! It's a bomb! Run!" Pandemonium instantly pursued, as screaming passengers fought for the exits, much to the embarrassment of our bowler who could only sit there and meekly say, "It's just a bowling ball."

Bowling Humor 2
What do you say to a Naked Bowler?

Rhonda Shear is probably best known as the star and host of USA Network's very popular Friday night movie series, "USA: Up All Night." For eight years Rhonda converted an entire generation into insomniacs as they became addicted to her tongue in cheek humor. She has often been named as "One of Television's Sexiest Stars", and has graced the cover of countless magazines and once appeared naked at a bowling alley in Milwaukee Ws.

The event occurred in 1993 when Rhonda contracted with Playboy magazine for an article and photo shoot. The editors felt that a bowling alley would present a uniquely different backdrop and some very interesting shots. However, the bowling center only closed down ten lanes for Rhonda and the photography crews, while leaving open the rest of the facilities. Consequently, a few lanes away, bowlers were exposed (literally) to Rhonda's considerable assets.

Rhonda was later quoted as saying "Here I was naked, doing splits, and ten lanes away, guys were bowling and not even looking. I mean, those were some very serious bowlers!" It was later discovered that the guys in question had been possessed by the dark force and renders temporarily insane. Proving yet again that the force is much stronger than the male libido.

Bowling Humor 3
Pinched at the Alley

The judge at the preliminary hearing looked down at the demur defendant in front of him. She was still wearing her bowling shirt with the little pin attached that said, "Bowler of the Week". It was that honor that caused thirty year old avid bowler Amanda Guild to be standing in court that morning in 1990. The night before as Amanda was about to roll her first shot in the fourth frame, deputy Steven Kurkowski walked into the bowling center and directly up to her. When he showed Amanda his badge she just said, "Can we get out of here?", and calmly went with him.

What was the cause of Ms.Guild's arrest? Her performance the week before in a tournament at the American Lanes in Saginaw, Michigan. Amanda bowled so well that she was honored as "Bowler of the Week" with an accompanying story and photo in the local newspaper. U.S. deputy marshal Kurkowski, recognized the photo as the fugitive he had been after for months. Amanda was wanted as part of a major drug trafficking and money laundering operation in three states.

So why did she create such a high profile? Amanda too, had been possessed by the bowling dark force. Thus proving that it is even stronger than a criminal's desire to remain out of jail.

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